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Bike South Brooklyn - Open House


Join us for our first Open House on Sunday, December 2nd to plan for improved bike infrastructure and activism in Southern Brooklyn!

Critical events are coming up…

Two days after this meeting, on December 4th, the DOT and Community Board 10 will hold their first open meeting entirely dedicated to getting feedback from the biking community in Bay Ridge. They’ll be inviting local cyclists and transit enthusiasts to provide their expertise and personal experiences in understanding what local cyclists need and want. For too long, such discussions have been dominated by NIMBYs and car enthusiasts, resulting in a lack of safe biking infrastructure in South Brooklyn.

Because of this, it’s vital we meet up and organize beforehand! Join us for our first open house and meet your fellow neighbors. We’ll go over the history of biking in our community, introduce you to all the key civic leaders that affect your safety and your commute, and share our experiences before the Wednesday meeting. Bikers of all ages and experience levels welcome!